First Steps:

  • Go to and make a flier.
  • Search your entire house, inside and outside (and outbuildings), WITH A FLASHLIGHT. You will see their eyes glow.
  • Search around neighbors’ houses (8 houses each way), WITH A FLASHLIGHT. Ask if they've had their garages or shed open lately and if you can search those.
  • Call Animal Control (402-441-7900) and Humane Society (402-441-4488) and file report.
  • Put out an alert on their microchip by calling the microchip company.
  • Run ad in Lincoln Journal Star (402-473-7373). Free add for 6 days.
  • Post lost cat information on Craigslist and other social media sites.
  • Go to They have a FREE service that will fax a picture of your cat to local vets.
  • Hand out/hang fliers in an 8 house radius. Extend radius if you don't get any response.
  • Hand fliers to everyone you can (residents, police, postal carriers, delivery persons).Get information out so people have number/description available in case of sighting.
  • Make neon posters to hang at intersections (see our site for instructions).
  • Leave out water, and warmed tuna or other stinky food.Heat food up often.

Next Steps:

  • Call Animal Control every day to see if they picked up your cat.
  • Go to Humane Society, on 2320 Park Blvd, at least every other day (every day is best).Tell them you have a lost cat and that you want to see all the cats that they have brought in.Make sure you go look at all the lost/stray cats they have! There is a 3 day stray hold. After that, your cat may be put up for adoption.
  • Check Craigslist and other social media sites every day.
  • We work with a printer who offers 500 color fliers for @ $60. Contact us at 402-739-9939 if you'd like to have printing done.